Time to update with information no one cares about XD 

    Two Saturdays from today (8 October), I'll be auditioning for my favorite musical Spring Awakening, it's for the proffesional theatre of Grand Rapids - Actors Theatre - so I'm quite nervous for it, and I'm quite sure I probably won't be getting the part. 

  How many of you know about my theatre background?
  I'm a theatre major with a main focus on musical theatre. I've been listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber since I was about two, and I've been in two plays (a one act just last year and I played the part of a male caroler in A Christmas Carol three years back) and two musicals (I was in the chorus in Once Upon a Mattress two years back during my senior year of high school, and I was also in the chorus for Seussical four years back, during my sophomore year.)
  My entire family is all really into theatre, especially musical theatre - but I'm really the only performer, except for my second cousins and my mom's cousin and his wife.

  So that's a background on my career life.

  My audition song is "Don't Rain on my Parade" from Funny Girl.
  The original version was sung by my broadway idol, Barbra Streisand, and it was also covered by Lea Michele on Glee as well.
  My parents both recently had surgery, so things have been pretty hectic for me, and practicing for the audition has been anything but simple.

  My parents are both fine though.
  Thank God.
  But they spent pretty much the entire week in a pretty bad mood, especially my dad.

  So alas, back to practicing.


'Ello there!

So. Frankly, I have no idea what to go on and on about here.

I can start by saying something along the lines of "Oh, hey. So I'm called Leah, Leah Rogers, and I live in Grand Rapids, MI, where I go to school and work on an indepent video production team and as an actress for the team owned by one of my closest friends. I do, big, important roles, and have to manage all the sets as set manager."

    That's me, but it's not overly exciting.
     I guess it's exciting that at nineteen years old I already get a shot at acting, but it's not like I get paid or anything like that. I mean, I've lived in the same boring town my entire life, with all  the same people... I'm still working on my transition from "child" to "adult", and plan on one day making my park in the most beautiful city in the world - NYC.

   But if you're looking at this, you probably don't give two flying wahoos about who I am or what I do with my life, you're probably here because I MAKE BLEEDING VIDEOS. on YouTube. I can hear your "Thank the Glee Club she's finally got to the bit I care about, the forever rambling fool."

Yes. It is I, TotallyxxGroffed, trying to cling onto the storm YouTube has unleashed on innocent vidder like myself, taking down, muting, and blocking as many of our poor creations as possible.
Now bear with me, I haven't the foggiest what I'm doing here. I'll probably pop in now and again with any information regarding YouTube or just my usual ramblings, though I doubt the latter will interest you.

You're the one who decided to come here, dude.

Peace Out,
Leah Rogers