Leah Dash Rebekah Rogers (blue_eyedxangel) wrote,
Leah Dash Rebekah Rogers

Youtube Nonsense.

So a lot of people have been posting things on their channel talking about YouTube and how their accounts aren't in good standing.
I wanted to get myself out there - and obviously, this isn't the only way I'm planning on doing so, as I've only got about two people who actually care about checking here XD - and say that were something to happen to my account, I do have several other external, nonYouTube accounts that I can be reached at as well as two backup YouTube channels (I'll provide links at the end of this post).

I'd be really grateful were you to add at least the first of the two backup channels - as I don't plan on doing anything with the second unless things become really desperate.

I'd also like to mention that I do have ONE STRIKE against my account and that it is from early January of this year. Not to mention on a video I made when I first started my account back in 2006. Because the strike is so old, I'd like to offer that as a soother to those who are only just getting strikes now. If you've got more than one strike, however, I'd begin to worry,.

Here are steps for seeing if you've got strikes against your account:
Go to YouTube.
My Account.
Manage My Account.
Copyright Status.


And here are the links for my external accounts and backup channels:

TotallyxxGroffed on Twitter
TotallyxxGroffed on Tumblr
TotallyxxGroffed on YouTube as MissRhapsodos
TotallyxxGroffed on YouTube as Br0adwaysFinest

My personal email:
My AIM screen name:

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