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Writer's Block: Chatty

How horrible is that I don't have texting?
It's soooo un-typical. I know someone's thinking "she's nineteen and doesn't have texting? WTF!"
Can I retaliate with "it's no my fault"?

...didn't think so.
I dunno, I wish I could text instead of having incredibly awkward phone calls. Especially with my phone, since my call drops pretty much ALL THE TIME. Also, it's awkward calling people for the first time, I dislike it majorly.

  That does take out the personal element though. 

  For the record, I use my phone to call and probably still would if I had texting... it sometimes works better. I think texting is better if                
it's something quick and simple, then you don't have to wait for the ringing, or get the awkward position if you're calling a home phone      
and the person you're calling isn't home. So i'd probably use texting more if I actually had the option. Which I don't. 
Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?